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Mail Order Bride Amelia (Silver River Brides #1) by Karla Gracey

Mail Order Bride Amelia - Karla Gracey

Amelia is the daughter of influential southern politician who travels a lot with his second wife (Amelia's step-mother from hell) so Amelia has to stay home to care for her 5 year old step-brother. She is tired of being an unpaid nanny and forced to deal with running the household (including pawning her mother's jewelry to pay for the staff's wages when daddy dearest failed to provide a method to pay his staff while he is on a trip). So she answers an advertisement in the paper from the sheriff of a small town in Montana. 


This was my second Karla Gracey book and I really enjoyed seeing Amelia and the Sheriff come together and I liked that Amelia stood up to her father and step-mother while also protecting her brother. The sheriff is British and has quite the back story for a short book, but it works in developing an intimacy between him and Amelia.