Winds of Salem (The Beauchamp Family #3) by Melissa de la Cruz

Winds of Salem - Melissa  de la Cruz

This installment of the trilogy was a let down. Coming off the cliffhanger that ended book two, I was expecting the action to continue. Instead I got life in Puritan Salem, MA for 85% of the book, interspersed with present day happenings that slowed down the plot, including a weird unrequited love of Thor towards Ingrid. I find Puritan history boring on the best day, this was more so. This book was kind of a mess plot wise, but still keeping true to the characters from book one and two, which made it any easy and fast read. The ending helped prop up my rating; I thought it was a fitting and gave a good foundation for a spin off series if the author chooses to do so. Just a lackluster ending to an addictive series for me.