Love's Unfading Light: Historical Christian Romance (Eagle Harbor Book 1) - Melissa Jagears, Naomi Rawlings, Roseanna White

Ms. Rawlings went the self-publish route for her Eagle Harbor series, set in the small town of Eagle Harbor on the shores of Lake Superior. She has other inspirational romance authors as editors, and I think they should stick to writing. Editing has a different skill set than writing and this book would have rated higher except for the editing. One editing issue I found was that it was too repetitive in the characters' reasons for not being together; another issue was the massive pile-on with regards to the heroine's dead husband's debts (the two rich guys who own the most of the debt IOUs would have been more than enough). However, I love the world of Eagle Harbor and reading about how an 1880s town on the shores of one of the Great Lakes was a great twist in historical romance. I wished this book had more female friendships, but I am holding out hope the other books in the series have that. The characterizations and the plot was great and the writing is the high quality I have come to expect from Ms. Rawlings. I will return to Eagle Harbor (I have the prequel short story to book two and book two waiting in the wings) in 2019.