I am going to do a more laid back COYER this season, as it is happening at the same time as BookLikes-opoly and I have the move coming up. My approach is going to participate in the social aspects (FB posts and Twitter Chats) and two of the read-a-thons, but not the treasure hunt. I will be using a reading journal to keep both games straight and be a record when I won't have Internet access. I am promising myself to be better at keeping track and logging my points.



1. Deserted Island June 9-22, 2019 (5 points)

    My List: Maid to Match by Deeanne Gist (268 pages), A Talent for Trouble (Ladies of Distinction #3) by Jen Turano (264), and Rebel Cowboy (Big Sky Cowboys #1) by Nicole Helm (278 pages).


2. Evil Octopus August 11-24, 2019 (points will depend)

    I have a lot of short books that fit the page range of 80-125 pages.


Social media participation will happen until I don't have Internet access. I have already put the Twitter chats on my planner (including local time slots).


So here's to reading down my e-Readers since I won't have access to physical books or libraries until after the move/after the challenge is over.



Source: http://www.becausereading.com/join-the-treasure-hunt-coyer-summer-hunt-sign-up-today/?fbclid=IwAR3etP3ILGMlM_ARevDrZegkOI4oGPDoJ5PUdvSvj7j0JSqKM2r_rkZOJpQ