Maleficent - Disney Press The Unleashing - Shelly Laurenston The Undoing (Call Of Crows) - Shelly Laurenston The Unyielding - Shelly Laurenston Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian Kiss of Crimson - Lara Adrian Midnight Awakening - Lara Adrian Hot and Badgered (The Honey Badgers) - Shelly Laurenston Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion Parasite - Mira Grant


I'm going to start with other - WITCHES! I love them in every flavor - the old wise crone, the maiden that just discovered she is a witch, the kitchen witch that adds a little magic in each thing she bakes, the forest nymph/guardian (#TeamMaleficent), the storm witch, the water witch - even Disney's Pixies was fun for me to watch for the kids over and over again.


The other that I loved is Vikings with magical powers - aka the Call of Crows series by Shelly Laurenston.


I have an issue with stories about vampires - basically consent and the lack thereof. There is only one series I enjoyed that involved vampires and the premise of the world building pretty much flipped the script on vampire lore. I may do a re-reading of one of the books in the series Midnight Breeds by Lara Adrian for the bingo. I like my vampire stories that take place only at night because it adds atmosphere and no sparkling vamps.


Werewolves and Other Shifters - these are more my speed than vamps. And I really like the fact that other animal shifters are being added to the subgenre. I have Shelly Laurenston's Hot and Badgered waiting to be read for bingo - honey badger shifter, OH HELL YES. If interested in other shifters, Eve Langlais has different series that goes wild with animal shifters.


I may get into zombies a bit more since a lot of BL'ers dig the White Trash Zombie books. There is a movie adaption of the book Warm Bodies that is a fun twist on the zombie lore, along with seasonal favorite movie Shaun of the Dead. I read the first book in Mira Grant's Parasitology trilogy and that had a future/sci-fi element to the zombie storyline.