All the President's Men - Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward

Date Published: June 24, 1974

Format: Print

Source: Own Copy

Date Read: June 20th - June 23rd

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This landmark book details all the events of the biggest political scandal in the history of this nation--Watergate. Woodward and Bernstein kept the headlines coming, delivering revelation after amazing revelation to a shocked public. Black-and-white photograph section.




A day by day, and sometimes hour by hour, of how a "simple break-in" at the Watergate Hotel turned into obstruction of justice and conspiracy to cover up. It was a little confusing at first due to the number of tangents the pair followed to dead ends and the people who had a little information to further their investigation. I was surprised to learn the real people who gave Bernstein and Woodward was the Treasurer of CREEP (Committee to Re-Election the President) and his secretary, not Deep Throat. Honestly, reading this book made me realize Deep Throat was just a source for confirmation, he was not the source of information that he is made out to be. The political "hijinks" and "hacks" were juvenile and yet, seeing politics today, still believable - just a lot of rookie mistakes uncovered by dogged reporters who saw those mistakes as gateways to darker crimes. Also follow the money - always. 


I'm glad I read the book that spawned an entire subgenre of political books in the modern era. It does end abruptly, so I will continue the story with the sequel of sorts, The Final Days.