Challenge premise: We get excited about books getting adapted into TV shows, movies or plays, but what about media that you want to see as books? Tell us about your favorite story (can be anything - play, TV show, movie, podcast, web series) that you would like to be adapted into a novel.


I choose one of my favorite movies from my childhood....


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Newsies (1992) was a Disney musical that flopped in the theaters and became a cult classic among Disney-heads and Bale-heads. This is the point that I fell for Christian Bale and watched everything he is in going forward.


I say a historical series set from the time of the strike (which happens at about the 75% mark in the movie) and just follow the main newsies through the years. Did Jack marry David's sister? What ever happened to Mush, Crutchy, and David's younger brother? What did these kids grow up to do during WWI? So many possibilities and plotlines! I think a family saga type of series following the newsies and their family members for the entire 20th century would be fun to read. Or just have Edward Rutherford write the book like he does for London, Paris, and New York.