Life As We Knew It - Susan Beth Pfeffer

Date Published: October 1, 2016

Format: Kindle

Source: Library

Date Read: November 13-14, 2019


Trigger Warning: disordered eating (LOTS!)



This was a fun ride through the last days of a normal life, and then into the apocalyptic event and the immediate aftermath (up to about nine months after the big event). Miranda is an almost sixteen year old and is a diarist; through her diary we see life in a typical small town NE Pennsylvania life with divorced parents, an older brother, a younger brother, her hardcore Christian BFF, her hedonistic other BFF, and school. The big event is an asteroid hitting the moon and can be seen at night - the entire world is having parties and making plans to view this event. However, the moon gets hit a little too hard and moves much, much closer to Earth. 


And then all hell breaks loose. 


Living through the devastation and disease by using common sense and ingenuity, the family survives. Miranda was not the "chosen one" or "super special savior" type of character - she was real and relatable but when the family needs her to rise above and get stuff done - she does by using common sense and digging deep inside her to be brave. There is going to be death, there is going to be a lot of leaving, but Miranda just carries on while also having meltdown moments. 


I'm honestly looking forward to book two. Please heed the trigger warning above though; I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, especially young women and girls with issues related to body dysmorphia or disordered eating.