The last post on the 2019's edition of the game from me, I swear LOL. I apologize for taking so long, January was a mess.


Thanks to TA, MbD, and MR for allowing me to play hostess. As part of our duties, we were to pick a charity. I don't know if the other hostesses have chosen their charities, but I decided to choose mine today and make the donation..before I forget to do. So on behalf of the community of readers, I made a US $50.00 donation to...



We Need Diverse Books!

A grassroots organization of children’s book lovers that advocates essential changes in the publishing industry to produce and promote literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people.


I picked this organization because I wanted to a charity that works with children's literature, as I have two elementary school kids who needed professional help (other than their main teachers) in learning to read. Also, in light of the upholding white supremacy going on in the world generally and publishing in particular (hi RWA! hi Flat Iron! hi B&N classics!), I wanted to support an organization that works to bring literature to every child by marginalized authors. 


The charity uses a PayPal service to process donations, so although it is my name and email on the donation, in the notes field I dedicated the donation to the community of readers in honor of our 24 Festive Tasks challenge. That might not mean anything to the person at WNDB, but I wanted this community/players to be acknowledged. You all were amazing and I enjoyed both hosting and reading all the posts you wrote.