When Tides Turn - Sarah Sundin

Title: When Tides Turn

Series: Waves of Freedom #3

Author: Sarah Sundin

Publish Date: March 14, 2017

Publisher: Revell Company

Format: Trade Paperback

Page Count: 385 pages

Source: Library

Date Read: February 8-11, 2020



A wonderful end to the Waves of Freedom trilogy. I wasn't really into Tess or Dan in the prior books, but their story was so engrossing just like the two books prior. 


Tess Beaumont is tired of being a pretty face and being used by men. So she decides to join the WAVES to find a better version of herself she can respect and garner respect from others. Tess is not one for conspiracy theories, but she finds herself trying to solve a possible spy case that is putting her friend Yvette in danger. All the while fighting her attraction to straight laced-buttoned up Navy man and brother of her friend Lily (heroine in book 2) Lt Dan.


 Lt Dan Avery has had to shoulder family obligations since he was young due to a misinterpretation of a situation from childhood. He has no time for dames, okay? He is trying to work his way up the career ladder while holding onto his principles, he has a ogre of boss, figure out how to better the radar equipment on ships, and he loses his mentor to a heart attack - all the while fighting his attraction to Tess.


There is respect between the two as military members serving in a time of war, but there is also friendship that deepens into love, and that is where the attraction comes into play. Longing and lust and love - feed it into my veins! And neither loses sight of their respective careers or friendships with others - their lives are full and fleshed out. 


The French resistance sub plotline kept me turning pages when the love story wasn't the focus. I honestly didn't know how the players worked out, who was double crossing who - and isn't that realistic in resistance groups, much less one that is fighting the Nazis from the US soil? It made an existing end to the plotline right before the HEA scene.


I love this series and it was fun to spend time with these characters.