Because He's Perfect: Anthology for the Movember Foundation - Danielle Dickson, Anna Blakely, Ally Vance, Alice La Roux, Renee Harless, Sienna Grant, Claire Marta, Lexi C. Foss, Tracie Delaney, Dani René, K. L. Humphreys, Elle Boon, Carrie Ann Ryan, Victoria  James, Samantha Lewis, Lexxie Couper, Anne Joseph, Victoria-Maria MacDonal This World We Live In - Susan Beth Pfeffer Sisters by Choice - Susan Mallery

Not a lot to say other than my heart goes out to the Floyd family and the protestors in MN. Kansas' governor is sick and tired of everyone complaining about stay at home orders, so she is now leaving it up to the counties and city government to set limits for re-opening. I'm parking my ass at home for the summer regardless of how "safe" it is to venture to places that can amass a crowd. 


So for this last Friday in May, I am continuing my read stories 5-7 in Because He's Perfect, then onto my book for BL-opoly turn This World We Live In. Finally I hope to get through Sisters By Choice, which I had a hold on and it came through on Tuesday. 


COYER hosts are hosting read-a-thons within the greater COYER, and this next read-a-thon is the Diversity Read-a-thon. So for the next two weeks I will be knocking out the novellas on my summer list that fit the theme. 


I will be back on Monday. Taking a break from social media this weekend.