The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer.


Home Fires: My husband and I celebrated 11 years of marriage this past Wednesday. He bought me a small Yankee Candle tumbler candle. I bought sushi and noodles for dinner. 


I received an email from the school district on Thursday. It was a parental survey, looking for input on how to schedule the upcoming school year in the age of COVID-19. Our choices were: to go completely online public schooling via eAcademy; go completely online via remote learning like we did from March to the end of May; hybrid method with two days of school and the rest remote. Also questions on busing and cafeteria issues. This as the number of cases are rising quite steadily here in Kansas - we are in the top ten of hot spots for the disease in the U.S. I am really starting to see my kids being home this fall and winter. 


Adam bought $200+ (he got a military discount) worth of fireworks last night. We are making up for the years we spent in the UK. Our dog's little tornado shelter is going to get quite the workout this week.


Nature is a Mother: Hot, humid, and every storm has been bypassing us non-stop, so we are dry - getting to dangerous levels regarding grass/prairie fires. Sunflowers should start showing some petals very soon. 


Volunteer Valley: Chances of my GS troop meeting in person this fall is fast fading. Don't know how PTO is going to work with us waiting until mid-July to hear how schooling is going to go. 


Craft Corner: Haul time! First is this planner sticker pack from The Happy Planner - this pack is a goddess-sent for book bloggers/instagrammers/youtubers - I loved every page and can't wait to start using this in January 2021. I am thinking I may want to get a second pack now.....


I wanted new needle minders (I've got kids and a dog, I need to know where my needles are at all times while stitching), especially seeing other stitchers pairing their minders to their WIPs. This Triple Moon minder is from TopKnot Stitcher I got this minder from the etsy shop Hartiful. I love Maleficent and Starbucks, so I had to get this minder from the etsy shop Mad For Minders.


I picked up a DMC kit called Love Laurel and will be stitched hopefully by the time my next wedding anniversary rolls around. LOL. I also bought Satsuma Street's Leo by Jody Rice pattern and some black Aida - this is going to be my late July/early August project. Both my husband and I were born under the sign of Leo, so it will go into our room somewhere when completed. Both bought at There were two fundraisers I know about from the stitching community to donate to Black and LGBT+ organizations that I picked up: first is Say Her Name by TopKnot and the simple Black Lives Matter from The Witchy Both come as a PDF you download.


Book Shelf: I wrote all the reviews due from the five weeks and got them linked to COYER if eligible! Because I spent all that time writing the reviews, there was less time for reading. So this weekend is nothing but reading. I finally found a routine that works to balance blogging with reading.


The kids hit their goal for the third badge and earned yet another book. They can't pick out their books until Tuesday. The kids are doing better at their summer reading than me.


On the Tube: Bookish Realm is quickly becoming one of my favorite booktubers. She is funny and real and a librarian to boot! 


In My Ears: Two mini-series for my recommendations on podcasts this week. The first is WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork by David Brown for Wondery Podcasts; this is a completed series, with I think 8 episodes. The second one is Boom/Bust: The Rise and Fall of HQ Trivia by Alyssa Bereznak for The Ringer Podcasts; this is almost done, just waiting for the finale this coming week. After listening to these podcasts I do wonder how Silicon Valley can disrupt industries/re-invent the wheel with such incompetence and ego.