The Girls of Mischief Bay - Susan Mallery

Title: The Girls of Mischief Bay

Series: Mischief Bay #1

Author: Susan Mallery

Publisher Date: February 24, 2015

Publisher: Mira

Format: Kindle

Page Count: 416 pages

Source: Library via OverDrive

Date Read: May 24-27, 2020




I wanted to read something set in California because I am somewhat homesick for the Golden State. Let's face it, I would rather be quarantining in CA than in KS. I have enjoyed Mallery's works in the past and was eager to try a new series not in the romance genre. Hence, I picked up The Girls of Mischief Bay, a contemporary women's fiction title.


Overall, I really enjoyed this look at female friendship with woman at different ages/stages of life, yet can give each other perspectives that help. Hands down, my favorite MC was Pam. Her character arc was so well done and I was emotionally invested in her story. And her discovering another girl squad to go traveling with was a such a sweet ending, contrasting with the darker parts of her arc. Shannon's arc was second favorite; my one quibble with Shannon was that she forgave her man for doing throwing her under the bus when his daughter decided to play mind games with her divorced parents. I would have made him grovel A HELLA LOT MORE.  My least favorite was Nicole; she came across too much like a doormat. Her divorce should have been a release and she was still too much sulking at the end of the book for my liking. Her ex was an useless asshole - good riddance to bad rubbish. I did like that Nicole was a pilates/yoga instructor and owner of her studio, rather than something cutesy like a baker or party planner. 


I am going to continue with the series after my summer project is over.