Calculated in Death - J.D. Robb

After reading the last three in the series, this book felt so slow; usually it takes me a couple of afternoon readings to inhale an ...In Death installment. This book was more than a decent addition to the series, just fell flat when you go from the awesomeness of Treachery, NY to Dallas, and Delusion to murders to hide financial wrong doings. And did I mention the slow pacing? It felt too much like a police procedural, in that it felt like weeks, not days, went by before Eve got a handle on the suspects. Then BOOM! she caught them in one chapter.


With that said, the personal relationships still hit the right cord. Roarke is still the greatest.hero.ever. And when he helped out on this case, it was actually within his expertise without stretching the credibility of the case. Peabody didn't really do much other than hang with Eve and do the tedious chores, but did excel as usual in the interpersonal relationships that police work often requires. I kind of miss the more confident Peabody that I saw in Treachery.


The end of the book also ends the The Icove Agenda stuff that has ran through so many books in the later part of the series. I loved Origin In Death, but the book deal then the movie was overkill.