Masquerade  - Melissa  de la Cruz

This book was a solid, if rambling, read. It was hard to get going in the beginning of the story, even though it took place in Venice, Italy, which was described in beautiful detail. I felt there was a lot of set up for the next book. Once I hit the half way point, the plot picked up and I finished pretty quickly. I don't know if I will continue the series, as there are a total of eight books. I don't know if there is enough story to stretch into the other six books I have left to read. I think this series could have been a tightly woven 3-4 books.


This is why I normally check out the second book in a series before taking the chance and buying the rest of the series. First books is all about setting up the storyline and world building; the second is where the rubber meets the road. 3/5 stars.