No One But You - Jillian Hart

No ratings due to the story is for charity.



Nellie's Shelter for Women and Children/Mary Byberg

Nellie’s was initially established in 1973 for young homeless women dealing with teenage pregnancy, suicide, self-harm, crime, prostitution, ill-health, and abuse.  However, shelter staff began to notice that most of the women accessing Nellie’s were middle-aged and older women fleeing domestic violence.  In response to the overwhelming needs of battered women, Nellie’s increased its occupancy rate to its present day capacity of 36 beds and made the  main focus of the organization violence against women and children. For more information:


Another MTW story about domestic violence. I think the other stories were better executed. I really didn't connect or like the female MC - she saw the worst in men who showed the least bit of interest in her although she got out of her abusive relationship fifteen years ago. The male MC was okay, but here comes his backstory with a dead kid (cancer, age 10) and failed marriage. By this point in my reading of the MTW series, I almost started a drinking game because the same backstory was given to every male MC. As for the female MC's son, he was so unrealistic. He didn't act like a high school student...he was just goofy. The plot where the female MC saves her next door neighbor from an abusive marriage was clunky written.


Overall, avoid this story. Rehashed storyline with less likable characters.