The Governess Club: Bonnie  - Ellie Macdonald

Miss Bonnie Hodges, governess to the Darrow family, is desperately trying to hold it together. Tragedy has struck, and she is the sole person left to be strong for the two little boys in her care. When the new guardian arrives, she hopes that things will get better. She wasn't expecting her new employer to be the most frustrating, overbearing, and ... handsome man she's ever seen.


Sir Stephen Montgomery is utterly distracted. He should be trying to figure out how his two best friends were killed in a suspicious accident and why the new young viscount seems destined to be the next victim. But he can't concentrate on anything but his growing infatuation with the beautiful, mysterious, and utterly captivating governess.


Together they're doing their best to save the two boys, but will Stephen's feelings for Bonnie get in the way of their search for a killer?



My Review:

This is the second book in the Governess Club series. Normally, I don't go for Scots as leading men because Highlanders don't appeal to me. By the end of the book, I wanted the Sexy Scotsman (Sir Stephen) for myself! What a bad-ass, true-to-the-ideal of alpha male - all without a hint of being domineering or egotistical! In a word: dreamy.


Bonnie was no slouch herself; she wasn't a martyr either. Rather, she cared for her traumatized young charges (the older being the new viscount, a title he should have received in 20-30 years in the future) beyond her professional duties. Stephen, as well as the reader, knew he could trust in Bonnie to help find who was creating chaos at Darrowgate. I loved their intimate tea times together. Again, the sex scenes were at the right level of heat and emotional pull (sexy Scotsman has no problem helping his lady clean up I said, dreamy).


There were still editing issues that became noticeable (last 5% of the book) but I was so won over with the writing and the story that the issues were not a barrier to giving this story all 5 stars.


So very much recommend, as a stand alone (the mystery is self-contained to this book) or read as part of the series. Novella length (about 110 NOOK pages from a total count of 123).